Sunday, June 7, 2009

Triumphant return

Was off in New State for a week. Now I'm back. If all goes well with inspection & financing, we'll have a house to live in, hurrah. I also got to see my new office, which has more-than-ample shelving. More hurrah.

Now we just have to get everything packed and ready to move in about six weeks. Yikes!

I took work with me on the trip, but ended up getting nothing done. Except, I replied to the email of a student who wanted to finish up an incomplete from three years ago. I told her/him I couldn't possibly, what with all the packing/moving/unpacking/house-buying/new-job-starting. Three years seems long to me anyway--s/he should probably just take the course over, and not with me.


heu mihi said...

Um, 3 years?

Don't these things have a statute of limitations? (In fact, here, we need to specify a to-be-completed-by date, which I think is a most excellent idea.) Good for you for saying No. And for maybe buying a house!

clio's disciple said...

There probably is a statute of limitations. The student claimed to have permission of the graduate director, but I didn't verify that with the GD.