Sunday, January 10, 2010

Writing goals this semester

I am hoping this semester will be a bit less crazed than last semester, and I'll be better able to write. I know I can only expect so much during my first year at a new job, but I think on the whole I have reasonable goals:

1) Write up application for Interesting Opportunity

2) Write conference paper #1, due early March

3) Write conference paper #2 for Kalamazoo

4) Work on book manuscript revisions

#4 there is more speculative and I probably won't have time to really dig into it until this summer. The rest really ought to be feasible even around teaching etc.


Bavardess said...

That seems reasonable. I hope things work out and you get the time you need to write.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

I think #1-3 are indeed reasonable, but #4 will probably be too much. Maybe change it to "map out plan for revisions"?

clio's disciple said...

For #4, I think "review the comments I got and look over the manuscript" is a decent starting point.

Anonymous said...

Sounds ambitious and exciting! Good luck! Nothing like being in the writing groove!