Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why a blog?

This blog is mostly about nuns.  Medieval nuns, to be exact.  I have no intention of becoming a nun, and I don't study modern nuns.  The medieval period is what interests me.  I wrote a dissertation on  a single house of medieval nuns, and in the process uncovered a ton more questions and issues that I'm still pursuing.  Hence, this blog.  I hope to use this space to work through some of these questions informally, as well as keep track of my writing goals and progress.

I am now several years past that dissertation.  While I shop around a book manuscript, I'm attempting to work on other projects.  I've got at least three separate essays I'd like to work on this summer.  More about those in future posts. 

So here are my current intentions for this blog:
I will endeavor to post regularly.
I welcome comments, and I will try to respond to them regularly.  But:
I will delete spam, personal attacks, and other obnoxious comments.


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Notorious Ph.D. said...

Welcome to the medievalist blogosphere! I'm in DEFCON 5 with the chapter right now, but I'll check in again later tonight!