Thursday, July 3, 2008


Less writing time today, but still going OK; I drafted one of the two remaining sections of this essay.  So just one section left to draft, and then I'll have a complete draft.  

There's just one problem.

In order to write the next section, I have to excavate my desk.  

I know that somewhere on my desk is a manila folder with printouts of the relevant documents I need to check before I can write this section. Somewhere, that is, under:
--book catalogs
--sample syllabi from my new employer
--notes I scribbled during sessions of the last two conferences I attended, one of which was in January
--random magazines
--mail I meant to deal with weeks ago
--photocopies of articles

When my desk is organized, there are a lot of piles on it, but I know what type of thing is in each pile.  When my desk is not organized, as now, everything smears into one big pile.  So...time to go digging in the pile.  

How is your desk organized (or not)?


Anonymous said...

To-do pile, to-file pile (large in times of productivity, small in times of procrastination); academic in-use pile (similarly); pile of stuff to leave the house. Monitor, keyboard. Enough clear space for an open book, a pad of paper and my elbows. I police that space very aggressively. This did involve getting a huge desk but it was worth it...

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Uh-oh indeed. In the next week or so, I have to excavate my desk at home, my desk at work, my floor at work, my coffee table, and my endtable. I should post a picture.

But hey! You're making serious progress!