Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm calling it done

There comes a time to just declare a piece of work done.

Sure, I could revise and edit and revise and edit and revise and edit some more. At this point I'm not sure how much that would actually improve the piece.

I have a couple more references to check. Why is that I still forget to write down the page ranges of articles? I know I'm going to need them in the references.

I also need to write the letter that goes with the article responding to the reviewers.

Neither of those things should be too time-consuming, so I should get it out sometime next week.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! Must be a great feeling. Congrats.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Good for you! Now send it off, get your stuff packed, and get ready to head into the wonderful stuff that's waiting for you!

(PS: are you on medfem? Did you get the announcement that JoAnn McNamara just passed away?)

clio's disciple said...

Thanks, Ink!

Notorious: Yes, I saw that, sad news.