Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Berks 2011 CFP

The call for proposals for the next Berkshire Conference of Women Historians is up here. Also as seen here and here.

I attended the last Berks conference in 2008, and had a really excellent experience. Good scholarship, good opportunities to meet people, and much less fraught with professional angst and status-seeking than many other conferences. I'd also especially like to encourage medievalists to consider participating. It is easy for large conferences to seem dominated by the modernists, and I think it's important for scholars of the ancient, medieval, and early modern world to be visible participants. There is a lot of time yet to think about submission, as the deadline is March 1.


Ann said...

Clio's Disciple: thanks for the link and for advertising the next Berks. I think it's vital for medievalists and other pre-modern scholars to be involved in the Berks. How else can we develop any sense of patriarchal equilibrium (as Judith Bennett argues)? I want to emphasize that this Berks, like the 2008 Berks includes language that specifically invites and gives pride of place to scholars pre-1800. From the 2011 CFP: "Preference will be given to discussions of any topic across national boundaries and to work that addresses sexuality, race, and labor in any context, with special consideration for pre-modern (ancient, medieval, early modern) periods.)"

Yes, the conference will be more modern than not, and more North American-history focused than not. (This is I think perhaps inevitable, given the fact that it's a U.S.-based Anglophone conference and given the zeal for modern history across the American historical profession these days.) But, it's a great place to meet and connect with other pre-modern women's and gender historians and historians of sexuality.

We hope to see you, and more of your colleagues, in Amherst in 2011.

clio's disciple said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Ann! Now, fellow medievalists, let's make our work worthy of that special consideration, shall we?