Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today's progress: much material skimmed, three books or articles ordered from ILL, several more requested from neighboring libraries, three references written on my "look for in the library" list, and, best of all, some actual writing.

Today I'm working on revisions to the liturgy article. I'm now drafted a whole new section that does a much better job of situating the community I'm talking about in the history of its order and region. So far so good. A reviewer also suggested that I need to situate the community's liturgy better in the history of its order's liturgy. That's a trickier assignment as the dating of the order's liturgy relies on arguments about the music more than the texts, and I am explicitly not dealing with the music in this article. I also am, of necessity, working from notes rather than the actual manuscripts. I'll need to take some thought about how to handle this issue.


Notorious Ph.D. said...

I admire your dedication. I've been working on this one case, just making marginal notes of what's going on. Sadly, some of the key passages are so convoluted (and *everyone* is named Pere!) that I'm going to need to sit down with the dictionary and puzzle through every damned word.

So, I'm glad at least one of us is getting something done!

(secret word verification = ovine. Baaaaa....)

clio's disciple said...

Does that mean you're feeling better? What you are doing also counts as getting things done, especially as your case seems to be massive. Email me if you want to talk it over...