Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring break plans

My spring break has just begun. Here are some of the things I'd like to get done in the next week:

1) Finish revisions on long-suffering article so I can resubmit it

2) Write recommendation letter for student mentioned in last post
3) Grade small stack of papers
4) Write comments I promised to a few students ages ago
5) Figure out how to rearrange the rest of my course schedule to make up for our snow days
6) Skim/peruse books that I'm considering for next year's courses

7) Tidy up and dust
8) Clean the bathroom and kitchen
9) Clean up my desk

10) Hang out with the spouse (also on break)
11) Visit nearby exhibit
12) Whatever else strikes my fancy

1 comment:

heu mihi said...

Have fun--and CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was away when you got the job, so I just heard. Hooray!